About us

tom franco & julia lazar

celebrating partnership

tom and julia dancing

living life as a dance

Tom Franco & Julia Lazar

23Monkeytree was planted in February 2009 by Tom Franco and Julia Lazar.

“We want for it to bear fruit for everyone who wants to experience heaven on earth, create community through art, and culture by sharing truly nourishing  food.”

Our Trifecta bet is

  1. Meditation, conscious communication with the benevolent Creator of All
  2. Art, in all forms and disciplines
  3. Food, grown naturally in season, prepared by culinary artists, shared by food enthusiasts

Our vision is to have it all available to you any time you need it.

We have several California bay area locations that house classes and gathering spots for yoga, art, food and other groups.



(510) 593 0733

We are working on food kits for your home, galleries, kiosks at farmers markets, film production sites and any other location you can dream of…to get the nourishment your body needs to experience heaven on earth.

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The Firehouse Art Collective galleries and art studios as directed by Tom Franco.

A place where artists of all disciplines co create community and culture one day at the time.


Buy original Tom Franco art work and Joolz at:



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