craft service

for film, video and TV productions.

Offering Green Cuisine to the indie film and documentary industry.

Guaranteed the best in seasonal and organic* ingredients with a wide variety of  menu options.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner as well as all day treats of the traditional, nourishing kind.

20+ years of experience in the food services industry including personal chef work, retreat and conference catering as well as large yoga & meditation events. Art openings and parties.

Great references upon request, please leave a comment, and we will get back to you.

All budget requests are welcome and will be considered depending upon film content, community & culture building qualities.

Contact us today.

510 593 0733


* organic ingredients subject to availability. We also use local, homegrown and farmers market ingredients.



red wine, strawberry kiwi juice, san pellegrino sparkling water, organic seasonal sliced fresh fruit, mint and other summer herbs


mango passionfruit juice, banana, bee pollen, coconut milk

craft service

craft service

craft service 2

table of abundance

pasta caponara

pasta caponara with a twist

23mt crudites

23MT crudites

23MT Santosha

23MT Santosha Kombucha


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