23MOnkeytree Santosha Kombucha

comes in small and large


Happiness in a bottle

Santosha, in the ancient Sanskrit language, means “contentment & happiness” resulting from physical, emotional and spiritual balance and well being.

23Monkeytree presents ‘Santosha’, a pro biotic effervescent drink, sold in several California bay area locations*.

Probiotics are colonies of friendly symbiotic bacteria and yeasts working synergistically to uplift and balance the human bio-physique.

Yes, there exists a perfect friendship between micro and macro worlds and beings in them…Kombucha culture being one that has been used for thousands of years by peeps way up in the Himalayas..now owned by the Chinese, still inhabited by our Tibetan friends and families.

So, this culture, which eats the sugar and the tannins of black or green tea leaf infusion, turns out to be arriving globally just in time to help people sick with alcoholism, digestive problems and degenerative diseases caused by malnutrition or overeating.

Best of all, anyone healthy and fit, benefits all the same from this nutritive culture.

Here to stay, just like beer and wine, without the detrimental effects of too much alcohol.

Like yoghurt and kefir cultures, Kombucha creates no alcohol in the fermentation process to speak of. It has been compared to apple juice and vinegar in alcohol content and can be safe for recovering fellows.

A welcome replacement to soda pops and straight fruit juices, which give us an overload of sugar without micro nutritional benefits, Kombucha can be a fantastically naturally effervescent bubbly drink, depending on the brewing methods.

Kombucha micro breweries are popping up everywhere* and the party, celebrating health and happiness with this amazing new live foods beverage, in ON!

This of course is my personal experience, opinion and research, sanctioned only by the throngs of peeps experiencing the same effects drinking the large variety already available worldwide.

I’ve made it my goal to cultivate and create divine natural flavor combinations of this drink to share with you for a fair price. More about me in the ‘about us’ section of this blog.

Our first “SANTOSHA” Ancient Kombucha Culture Bar opens this summer in the Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto on 1790 Shattuck Avenue in the Firehouse North Art and Events space.

Like all great endeavors, this too is team effort in partnership with my long time friend and art mentor Tom Franco, who is the creative director of the Firehouse.Art.Collective and is providing the space, inspiration and some funding. The name for our food venture is 23Monkeytree and you can find us on facebook and twitter.



We, at 23Monkeytree, are committed to co creating community and culture one day at a time.

Anyone, wanting to invest time, effort and funds is welcome to contact us.

PS: In the spirit and wisdom of recycling we re-use San Pellegrino water bottles which our friends and family collects for us. We remove the famous water company label, steam clean – sterilize the bottles in a commercial dishwasher and use them for the 23Monkeytree Santosha brew. As long as we remain at a certain production level, we will continue this community effort.

We currently use “my own labels” online company for our 23Monkeytree labels. A bit pricey, but we love their service and are happy to share the wealth.

You can contact me per e-mail by writing to julia@23Monkeytree.com

Or call my mobile number in California: 1 510 593 0733

* 1790 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709 “Firehouse North Art & Events Gallery”

Palo Alto farmers market on Sundays by Raw Daddy


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