shea butter

Unrefined Shea butter

natural organic raw

only the best!

The art of making this recipe is in the time, place, and moon cycle.

Mill Valley, California, has been the right place during full moon.

The cream lasts in it’s container for over a year, as it is composed to remain bound to it’s purpose, to feed your skin and hair. It stays true to purpose until the last smidgen is used.

Here are the raw ingredients used from nature:

pure unrefined organic shea butter

organic rose hip seed oil

organic apricot kernel oil

organic jojoba oil

natural vitamin E oil

blue chamomile essential oil

true rose essential oil

clary sage essential oil

a blend of calming organic essential oils I buy from “Young Living”

Sacred mantras from my Siddha lineage go into the making.

Very gentle heat only is used to blend.

Bamboo utensils to stir.


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