where to buy

BELLA SUTRA skin care salon.

140 E. Blithdale Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94942

(415) 383-3414

Owned and operated by my long time sister-girl-friend Kelli Hill.

Kelli was the one who inspired me 30 years ago…whooops, time flies….to enjoy the resources we have available here in California. She treated me to a formal facial at then “Espirit Salon”.

She also was the person who turned me on to Azulene, the blue component in the essential oil of chamomile.

In Europe, Austria, where I was born and raised, my friends and I made all our skin and hair care ourselves. There exists a long standing tradition of using foods like eggs, cream, honey and oils, including essential oils for facials and hair treatments. We’d get together and mix and smear, laugh and share the beauty treatments we’ve heard about in old wife’s tales.

One of these women is now my daughter’s mother in law. Really.

I hope that you will enjoy this cream as much as I have over the years.

Check in here for more places to order from in case BELLA SUTRA in Mill Valley California is out of your way, say, you live in Australia, Europe or other parts of this blessed continent.


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