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All WordPress users gasp:”..Oh No!” “But WordPress is so amazing, easy and fine looking” …and they are right!

As for this blogger, site keeper, copy writer and entrepreneur it’s become easier to use one type of host, google’s blogspot to keep all the sites under one roof and learn deeper rather than spreading thin in all directions.

So, thank you wordpress for having us and keeping us while peeps can click over to the site that’s kept up with news, videos and widgets to let our friends and customers know whats up with 23Monkeytree products and services.

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Kombucha connoisseur

Kombucha Connoisseur


SANTOSHA, a drink, made of ancient Kombucha culture

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ufm in sf

packed underground farmers market

signage for the market


Team Franco Lazar

at the underground farmers market in san francisco

Happiness in a bottle

Santosha, in the ancient Sanskrit language, means “contentment & happiness” resulting from physical, emotional and spiritual balance and well being.

23Monkeytree presents ‘Santosha’, a pro biotic effervescent drink, sold in several California bay area locations*.

Probiotics are colonies of friendly symbiotic bacteria and yeasts working synergistically to uplift and balance the human bio-physique.

Yes, there exists a perfect friendship between micro and macro worlds and beings in them…Kombucha culture being one that has been used for thousands of years by peeps way up in the Himalayas..now owned by the Chinese, still inhabited by our Tibetan friends and families.

So, this culture, which eats the sugar and the tannins of black or green tea leaf infusion, turns out to be arriving globally just in time to help people sick with alcoholism, digestive problems and degenerative diseases caused by malnutrition or overeating.

Best of all, anyone healthy and fit, benefits all the same from this nutritive culture.

Here to stay, just like beer and wine, without the detrimental effects of too much alcohol. Read the rest of this entry »

“SANTOSHA” happiness in a bottle

In kombucha culture on March 23, 2010 at 4:04 am

Ancient Kombucha culture, fermented to perfection champagne style, bottled at the right moment to give the pleasure of pro-biotic effervescence in a non alcoholic way.

One liter bottles available upon request.


510 593 0733