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ufm january 2011

A great adventure, seeing young and old San Franciscans party, at the last Underground Market hosted by Iso Rabins’s http://foragesf.com/.

23Monkeytree brought a whopping 80+ one liter bottles, of three flavors of Kombucha micro brews, which all sold by the 4th hour into the event.

Granted, we did open 20 bottles to give out ample samples, it was a satisfying success.

Looking forward to seeing our dream of a 23Monkeytree Kombucha estate ranch manifest one day…similar of those fine wineries all over the world…ours will be the first Kombucharie…we’ll come up with a better name I’m sure. Ranch23 Kombucharee.

Thank you all who love our drink and come back again and again and all of you who dare to taste and convert to loving the miracle master brew of ancient Tibet.

Tom Franco &  Julia Lazar

tom franco

kombucha labels

julia lazar



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Kombucha bottle labels

23Monkeytree bottle labels

23MONKEYTREE Kombucha will be in good company offering samples, cups and 1liter bottles of the finest naturally effervescent, pro biotic, great tasting Kombucha in 3 stellar flavors:




It’s great for anyone who loves Kombucha and a MUST for everyone who has never tasted a satisfying sip of the ancient wonder drink.

Julia Lazar toasting 23Monkeytree Kombucha

HAPPINESS in a bottle…

Of Tibetan origin as they had no fresh foods for months at the altitude and climate of the high Himalayas. 23Monkeytree Kombucha, a happy, helpful and friendly culture brewed in a proprietary mix of water, tea and organic sugars, is a symbiotic synergistic colony of yeasts and bacteria similar to kefir creating a health supporting mix of  vitamins and minerals to those who are lucky enough to drink it. YOU!

See you on Saturday, January 15th, in San Francisco. 6pm to 2am. Did I mention it’s a party…?

“A collaboration of The SF Underground Market and Public Works: Night Market.  This is going to be a lot like the markets you’ve come to know and love, but we’re upping the ante on the party in the later evening.
All of our favorite new and returning vendors will be scattered around 2 huge floors to share unique and delicious homemade food.” Iso Rabins for ForageSF

Also, if you want to more know about 23MOnkeytree, leave your question in the comment box and I’ll get back to you.

There is great info about Kombucha on GT Dave’s website.


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organic foods for the movie set

Movie set gone organic